Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The "Disney World" of Mansions

Jerry took me on a mystery date today to the biggest house in America, The Biltmore House. This is absolutely humongous, with 225 rooms. It is all decorated for Christmas with Christmas trees and lights in each room, breathtaking, but of course you couldn't take pictures inside the house. We took a tour of all four floors and walked around the grounds. It was such a nice day, I can't believe it is the middle of November! The Biltmore House is the big tourist attraction here in Asheville so I am glad we got a chance to see it.

Thanks, Jerry, for a such a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This time, Mariah got into Ambria's bed. Two peas in a pod I guess.

Holy Crap, That is One Huge Squash!

Our neighbor gave us this squash a few weeks ago. I think he was a little offended when he saw that we were just using it for decoration outside along with our pumpkins and corn stalks. He said, "you know you can eat that." We know some people eat squash, but we don't do squash, so it looks like this will just be decoration.

(I put Ambria's shoe next to it just so you can get an idea of the size).