Monday, October 25, 2010

An Honest Prayer...(a comical, but embarassingly true exerpt)

Dear Lord
Thank you for this beautiful fall day that you created, thank you for my wonderful family
('did I get out Mariah's school clothes, I think I did. She is almost out of clean pants. I need to do laundry tomorrow')
Thank you for our health and that everyone is feeling better. I pray for ___ who is having health problems and ____ who has some important doctor visits this week.
('Jerry needs to call the doctor. We all need to get our flu shots. Last week's doctor appointment with Ashlyn was horrible. I am glad Ashlyn's legs are feeling better from her shots. That appointment was on Thursday. Survivor was on television the night before. Oh yeah, I forget, who got voted off? Oh yeah, and it was nice to relax on the couch tonight and watch Amazing Race. I have to do laundry tomorrow')

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Been a Year

Yup, that is right, we have lived in North Carolina for a year now. What this means is that we have not lived in Michigan for a year, we have traded in the Big Lake for the mountains, our little brick house on the side of a mountain has become our home, we have added one family member, we are all a year older, and the leaves are changing colors again. We stepped out on faith and we continue to step out on faith...

Faith is what has gotten us this far.

I am more than ready for this valley, this season of our lives, to be over with, I am ready for the future. (I think I have been saying this for a long time now).

Asheville has been good to us. We like it here. It is home (for now until God calls us elsewhere). We miss our family and friends back in Michigan (but we have made some new friends that have become like family), and we miss our old neighborhood with sidewalks and parks on every corner.

This has been the new beginning that we have needed.

This has been the new beginning that we have needed.

A Few Smiles and Coos

Whenever the camera comes out, Ashlyn stops smiling and cooing. I finally captured a few but when she sees the camera, she just starts staring at the foreign object. This will do for now...

You might not think this is excited, but I think it is pretty cute. Her smiles make me smile.