Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Mother's Day Tradition

Seven years ago, my father-in-law started a tradition. Every year for Mother's Day, he would take all four of us girls (two of his girls and two of us 'in laws') shopping for a new dress. All four of us looked forward to this day; time with our father-in-law and time with just the girls.

I remember the first time we all went dress shopping: my father-in-law paced near the dressing room, trying his best to be patient with all of us and we went in and out of the dressing room about 50 times.. and then we needed shoes to go with the new dress so we had to go to the shoe store...and then we needed jewelry to go with the new outfit so we had to go to the jewelry store...and then we were all hungry from shopping so we begged to go out for dinner. :)

We all laughed nonstop and my father-in-law would roll his eyes but really he was loving spending time with all of us girls on our yearly 'date.'

Today, was Mother's Day dress shopping day.
I was sad.
I miss them.
I have been fighting back tears all day. I am glad they had fun but I wished I could have been there to laugh too. I am glad they all got fun new dresses and I wished I could see the dresses in person so I could tell each of my sisters that they look beautiful.

I am blessed with such a great family, that not only is family but are friends too.
I miss you Dad DePoy
I miss you Jenny
I miss you Janelle
I miss you Sara.

On a side note: My father-in-law sends me money so I can go shopping to get a new dress too! Yay!