Thursday, July 26, 2012

Unbroken Worship

I know it's been a while.  I'm still here.  Me, my husband and three girls, still smiling and loving life.
It's been a long, tough few months.  It's been challenging trying to juggle life and a two year old recovering from major surgery.  Some days I want to break down.  Some days, I'm in survival mode, and some days are wonderful.

Overall, it has been an amazing summer!  We have had some much needed family time, spent time with friends and family, spent lazy days by the pool, done a few photo shoots, and I've still been working part time.

I've also accepted a speaking engagement at a women's conference in August.  I will be doing a break out session called Unbroken Worship and I am really excited about sharing what God has laid upon my heart.  Nervous?  Yes.

I want to be able to reach women of all ages and in all different seasons of their lives, so I am going to speak about learning to live a life of continual worship, living with the posture of offering our every moment to God in an attitude of worship. Even in the mundane, even in the daily activities of diaper changing or sitting at a desk, you can cultivate a lifestyle of worship and have a role in God's bigger picture.

I will elaborate more on my break out session after the conference, but for now, I have some more work to put into it.

So, lots going on.  God stuff and Good stuff.