Monday, October 25, 2010

An Honest Prayer...(a comical, but embarassingly true exerpt)

Dear Lord
Thank you for this beautiful fall day that you created, thank you for my wonderful family
('did I get out Mariah's school clothes, I think I did. She is almost out of clean pants. I need to do laundry tomorrow')
Thank you for our health and that everyone is feeling better. I pray for ___ who is having health problems and ____ who has some important doctor visits this week.
('Jerry needs to call the doctor. We all need to get our flu shots. Last week's doctor appointment with Ashlyn was horrible. I am glad Ashlyn's legs are feeling better from her shots. That appointment was on Thursday. Survivor was on television the night before. Oh yeah, I forget, who got voted off? Oh yeah, and it was nice to relax on the couch tonight and watch Amazing Race. I have to do laundry tomorrow')


jroz said...

Soooooooo true.

Jennie said...

hahahaha...this made me giggle. A mother's mine is always wandering.

jenna said...

I can so relate :)

Jay DePoy said...

Haha babe, this is hilarious! This is pretty much accurate of every conversation we have together too. I can tell when I've lost you for a few seconds, then you come back to me, then your mind is somewhere else, then I just stop talking and then you insist that you were listening, and then you prove it by repeating it all back to me! I love you!

carollee said...

I do the same thing! Great post..super funny!!