Friday, October 31, 2008

Pink Magic

I took the girls to Meijer today and we spent over an hour in the toy aisle getting ideas for Christmas.  Mariah was so good and she understood that we were "just looking" and we weren't going to buy anything.  Ambria's eyes were as big as saucers as we went up and down the aisles and when we got to the dolls, all she kept saying over and over was "baby, baby."  (I think I know what she will get this Christmas).  When we got to the "girly" aisle and there was PINK everywhere, Mariah's eyes lit up and she said "whoa, mom, this is sooo magical!"  Yup, that is my little girly girl.

(On a sad note, for those of you that don't know, Meijer took out ALL of the mechanical ponies from their stores.  What that means to parents with little kids---no more bribes for good little shoppers.  Huge bummer).


Kendra said...

I've been reading on a message board about the Meijer ponies...
It seems that they sold off all the pink ones, and the purple dinos. Meijer is only going to keep the brown ponies, but they are recalled right now. so, they will be back, it may just take several months.

I hope the ponies do come back soon, because I just love that I can bribe a kid to behave for just one penny! LOL

tana and matt said...

here in lud-ville... we have brand spankin' new magic ponies(which is weird.. because you usually get "new" ones... but they're not new.. they're just old, different ones).. but you actually NEED a penny.. the penny thing is part of the poor pony.. and they look weird! so... i don't know about them!! i like the old, regular, normal, ponies!!!