Monday, May 11, 2009

5 Year Old Accountability

I have been trying to eat snacks in moderation lately, you know, one cookie instead of two, three donuts instead of four, etc.

So, tonight after dinner, I had a few spoonfuls of ice cream (Blue Bunny Double Cone Crunch!!) of which I shared with Mariah. After I put the ice cream away, I thought maybe I would have a quick snack size candy bar (Reese's Fast Break!!). I was reaching high in the cupboard, high so that I have to think twice about exerting the energy for the candy and high so Mariah can't get into it, and here comes Mariah...

Mariah: Mom, another dessert??

Me: Yeah, I know.

Mariah: You know, candy will rot your teeth.

Me: Thanks, Mariah (as I put the candy back and shut the cupboard)

I had to laugh at myself. Caught.

Extra added note: I fully endorse Blue Bunny Double Cone Crunch ice cream and Reese's Fast Break candy bars.


Jen Wags said...

kids are so honest... :)

Marcia said...

"three donuts instead of four" now that is some kind of will power!