Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tea Party Birthday Party

We decided to let Mariah have a birthday party this year for her 6th birthday. Her and Ambria always seem to have tea parties so I thought, what better than to have a tea party birthday party! The girls absolutely loved it and sat at the "tea party" for over a half hour talking, eating, and drinking tea and hot chocolate. (I wasn't sure how long the actual tea party would hold their attention, but it worked!) It was pretty cute to see them all dressed up and enjoying themselves. Each girl wore a fancy dress and enjoyed finger foods at the party.

Here is the invitation (Mariah helped to put glitter on them)

Each guest received a porcelain tea set as a prize for playing the games
(drop the clothes pin in a tea pot and toss tea bags into bowls)

I wanted to attempt to make a tea pot cake. See here: I bought two cake mixes just in case it didn't turn out. Mariah wanted chocolate cake with purple frosting.

The finished product.
As a last minute thought, I used some left over cake to make tea cups. They didn't turn out as well, but that is ok.

Mariah enjoying her moment...

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