Friday, June 3, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again!

It's National Donut Day!! Time to celebrate my favorite food!!

Actually, the truth is, we don't have any donuts in the house. For real. No sugary fried goodness sitting on the counter tempting me to shove them into my mouth.

I still prefer to spell the word donut instead of doughnut.
I enjoy the cake donuts over the yeast raised ones.
Not a fan of donuts with nuts.
Not a fan of cream filled donuts.
Jelly filled donuts are ok (they are my dad's favorite).
If had to choose white icing over chocolate icing, I choose white.
I don't like to share my donuts.

So, I guess I will celebrate with the rest of the country from afar.


1 comment:

carollee said...

I like the chocolate iced, cream-filled, yeasty kind of doughnuts!! Looks like I never have to share my doughnuts with you!! LOL! Loved this post!