Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Prayer

Here is a prayer that someone sent me. I thought I would share it with you

Dear God:

I lift up Jamie to you this afternoon. May you step down from your thrown and give her the spirit she'll need to encourage Jerry. God just give her your strength in being the wife and mom that their home needs during this painful journey. May she grow through this life experience and may it be a key to being able to her in their future ministry. God speak to her heart even when she's not wanting you to. Show her glimpses of the bigger picture here and there as she learns to wait on you.

Thank you for having the girls be so young during this season.

Be with Jerry now Lord, we pray that you will pull him close to you and speak to his spirit. Give him a future hope for ministry in you.

We love you Lord....
We pray all these things in Jesus Name!



Anonymous said...

"and even though we aint got money, i'm sO in love with you honey..."

jennifer dawn said...

just found your page.

I love hearing your thoughts.

You are so loved!

Jer & Liz Nyenhuis said...

I've been praying for you guys.