Friday, May 23, 2008

Car Conversations

Mariah: Mom, the clouds look like they are moving.
Mom: Yup
Mariah: Where are they going?
Mom: Hmmm...not sure.

Mariah: Granola bars and lullabies
Mom: What?
Mariah: Grr, grr, grr, granola bars and lullabies
Mom: Ok (not sure what the heck she is talking about)
Mariah: I mean it
Mom: Ok (still have no idea, but she means it)

(Mariah sees a convertible with the top down)
Mariah: Mom, what kind of car is that?
Mom: A convertible
Mariah: Can we get one of those?
Mom: No
Mariah: Why?
Mom: Because we have a an AWESOME van
Mariah: I don't like our RED van...I want a PINK one!
Mom: I'll ask dad (aka--probably close to never)


amy said...

Dont't you love conversations with the little ones. Very entertaining, and yet very confusing at times!

Ingrid said...

How cute is that. Thats a good idea to post 'car conversations' on your blog. My girls are always saying the darndest things. I might do the same. Blessings,