Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Three Loves of My Life

I'm so in love with my family and I am so blessed beyond belief to have a wonderful husband and two girls who are so full of love.

I love watching Jerry as he helps Mariah learn how to ride a bike, plant a tomato garden, and draw with chalk. I love it that he knows all of Mariah's baby dolls' names and tells Mariah stories about Boobie the Bear and Timmy the Turtle. I love watching him have Dance Parties in our living room as he rocks out to kid songs. I love how Jerry gets excited as Ambria takes more and more steps and learns new things and tries to get her to say new words. I love how he carries Ambria and tries to kiss her using the loudest sound effects possible.

I love how Mariah insists on wearing dresses everyday, but only the ones that twirl. I love how she randomly says that she loves me. I love when we sit in the chair and read Little Critter books before bed. I love how Mariah plays and uses her imagination for hours on end. I love peeking on Mariah only to find her singing and dancing on her bed while no one is looking.

I love watching Ambria's curious mind work as she tries to figure out the world. I love when she talks to herself in her crib, and gets excited when she sees dogs out the window and says "doggie" but sometimes gets mixed up and says "baby." I love her wobbly steps and watching the excitement on her face as she walks across the room. I love how Ambria follows me around the house and tugs on my leg.

This is my life...and I love it.



Tell Mariah I have a story to tell her, she'll know what its about. :)

Childless (for now) said...
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Jer & Liz Nyenhuis said...

I am so glad that you have found happiness in life. May everyone be so lucky to find what you have!