Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Little Whiny Boy

I took Mariah to the video store to get some free kids' movies tonight, and of course, she picks out "Caillou," for some reason, this has been her all time favorite for a few years now (definitely not my first choice, and am hoping she will grow out of this phase quickly).

"Mariah, how about Clifford instead, or even Barbie (another yuck, but better than Caillou)."

Nope, Caillou it is.

Have you ever seen "Caillou?"

I think he is a parent's worst nightmare--a VERY whiny little boy that always gets his way and never gets in trouble (not loving him so much).

So on the way home, Mariah asks...

"Mom, what is Caillou's last name?"

Me: Hmm, not sure. He just goes by Caillou.

Mariah: I bet it is Caillou DePoy

Me: Um, probably not.

Mariah: Caillou DePoy, Caillou DePoy

Me: (no comment)

Mariah: Or Caillou Mithers.

Me: Mithers? (where the heck did she come up with that?)

Mariah: Yeah, Caillou Mithers.

Me: Ok.

Of course, of the four movies she picked out, she is watching "Caillou" Mithers right now and she won't even stop watching it to eat dinner. I'll have my "talk" with Mariah later about not acting like Caillou and explain how he is a bad influence.


508 North Market Street said...

Preach it sista! I cant stand that show soon as I her that little jingle start, I want to run far far away! Let's boycott PBS:)

Kendra said...

LOL. This one actually brought laughter tears to my eyes. I love the last name she came up with.

We watch lots of PBS stuff, but we have never watched that show. I think I'll keep it that way...