Saturday, August 2, 2008

Welcome Home, Jon and Sara!!

Our "one big happy family" is all together once again. Jerry's brother, Jon, his wife Sara, and cutie patootie son, Malachi, were in Omaha for 10 weeks and today we gathered again for the first time all summer. So, where else to have this happy reunion, but...the beach (of course)!

The cousins were so excited to see each other and Mariah started jumping up and down and squealing as soon as her feet hit the floor this morning (only to get in a fight with Malachi at the beach and say that she "wasn't going to be his friend anymore!" Welcome home, Malachi).

Later on, Mariah reconsidered, and was friends with Malachi

Having fun in the waves

This picture was actually taken before Mariah didn't

want to be friends with Malachi

Ambria and Alivia taking it all in (I think Livie is eating sand)

Ah, the beach babe's a hard life

We are home now so the girls can take naps before the excitement continues tonight. Grandma is going to take on the task of watching all 8 grandkids so us adults can go out. Good luck with that one. (We love you, Grandma!)

It is great seeing Jon, Sara, and Malachi again. Next time, don't go away for so long!



:) We are so blessed!

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with Jen on this one. We are so blessed. What great pictures you got that day. I say we do this all again in a couple of days. LOVE IT!