Monday, July 28, 2008

Peaceful Beach Day Interrupted

Kinda ironic that I love the beach and HATE the sand (Jerry makes fun of me).

Imagine this, two little girls that get sandy from head to toe and then want me to hold them and want to climb all over me!! Get out of town!!

Ok, this is when the LOVE wins over the sand.
(Oh, and sometimes we choose going to a pool--it is a much cleaner activity)


Erin said...

I totally understand "love the beach, hate the sand". Maybe it's a mom thing.

amber lainey said...

wish i had your email address to send this note along...

but all this unfettered boldness to say-- you & your family are more than welcome here in austin, should you ever want to travel south for a bit!
[we've got the most lovely swimming holes & natural fed springs... all without the sand!]

peace to you,

Anonymous said...

Did you go to the beach without me Monday?