Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Little Joys

It is tradition in our family that whenever we leave the house, Mariah runs to our big picture window to wave and blow as many kisses as she can before Jerry or I drive away (Ambria goes to the window now as well, but she is a few inches shy of being able to see out, so she just pretends).

However, last night was a little different. As I backed out of the driveway, I stopped to wave and I saw two little faces in the window, instead of just one. Mariah, being the wonderful big sister that she is (most of the time), picked up Ambria to see out the window. This means that Mariah had to use all of her might to lift Ambria and Mariah had to fore go waving and blowing kisses because she had her hands full--how thoughtful.

It just melted my heart. I love you, girls!!

Check out this link to watch the girls playing and Mariah being a good big sister

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amy said...

I love it when we can see the kids learning to help each other. As selfish as the world can be, I see hope in our children...