Thursday, April 2, 2009

Snack Conversations

Mom: Mariah, do you want a snack?
Mariah: Yes. Surprise me.
Mom: Ok (I get her Cheese It crackers)
Mariah: Um, no thanks, I don't want those.
Mom: Ok (I was being nice, so I got her another kind of cracker)
Mariah: Moooom, you get the worst snacks.
Mom: Well, you said surprise me
Mariah: Surprise me with something better...

Mom: Mariah, do you want a snack?
Mariah: Yes, something wet.
Mom: Wet? (Thinking fruit I guess) We ate all the grapes and strawberries. Do you want an orange?
Mariah: No, a banana.
Mom: Ok, then how about you just say you want a banana?!

So, I guess I am not a good snack surpriser or a good snack guesser.


tana and matt said...

THAT is awesome! hehe

Yesterday, on the way to school merrick said that our best vehicle is our van. He then went on to say that i should like the van the best because it fits my big fat baby better than the car. Like i can't fit in the car???!!??? oh my.... i AM a beached whale...

Jen Wags said...

I'm now laughing at both your kids comments! haha!


I love that your posting these short conversations between you and Mariah. :) She's so funny!