Friday, June 12, 2009

Ambria Update

Thanks again for continued prayers for Ambria.

Yesterday she was very sleepy and slept for most of the day, she did ok with drinking fluids, considering the pain she was feeling. She took some sips here and there. She didn't eat anything though, and she wouldn't take any of her medications. Ambria wouldn't talk much, so it was a very quiet day (which was good so we could all catch up on some sleep).

We had a rough night last night. Ambria was up three times and was dry heaving all night. Poor thing hasn't eaten since Monday, so her system is beyond empty.

Today, Ambria was very crabby, whiny, and clingy. She is so frustrated because she is hungry. She tries different foods and ends up spitting them out before she swallows because of the pain, again she won't take any of her meds. I call the doctor to make a follow-up appointment and they asked how she was doing. They asked if she drank a 2 liter amount of fluids and I just laughed. No, she has had about 2 ounces. They checked with the doctor and they wanted her to go get an IV.

Go figure, I call to make an appointment and we end up in the hospital again. Ambria got an IV with fluids and as well as a steroid to decrease swelling and some medication for nausea too. We were only at the hospital for a few hours so that wasn't too bad, and Ambria did ok, but I think we all have had enough of doctors, nurses, and pokes. Hopefully this will give her a little boost and she will be well on her way to recovery.

Thankfully, Mariah has been at my parent's house this week so she hasn't seen Ambria so sick and weak. Ambria asks about Mariah and says that she misses her and Mariah has tried to talk to Ambria on the phone but Ambria won't talk back since she isn't speaking much these days. Mariah even sang her a song on the phone, it was so cute. We will be picking up Mariah tomorrow so I'm sure the sisters will be happy to see each other.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure that Mariah will cheer her right up.