Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boring-ness: A Post about Nothing

So I have been thinking about what to write, but nothing "blog worthy" is coming to mind.

*Mariah hasn't had any fun "car conversations" or said anything out of the ordinary lately so nothing to post there.

*Ambria is the polite police. Her new thing is saying "no thank you" or "help please" all the time, but that really doesn't deserve a full blog post.

*I was thinking about writing about all my frustrations but that is a long list, anything from the terrible two's to our unknown future, but maybe later, I feel too vulnerable writing about that.

*At 2:15 last night I awoke to an unpleasant aroma engulfing our house as a skunk decided to roam the area. Again, not "blog worthy."

So, I am resorting to posting more pictures, black and white with pink accents, again. I couldn't resist taking these pics because of Mariah's outfit and she rarely lets me take pictures of her so I cherished the moment.


Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

That's it. We're opening a photography studio in the garage!

Or our car, depending on the housing situation.

Jen Wags said...

super CUTE! You are good Jamie girl.