Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wooden Fun

We went to Imagination Station today in Grand Haven with Jerry's cousins from out of town. This place is 10,000 square feet of pure fun.

Mariah: (in the midst of a 4 day attitude) This place is NO fun. There is nothing to do. This place is only made of WOOD!

Me: No comment, trying to ignore the attitude

Jerry's Cousins: Mariah, if Imagination Station wasn't made of wood, what would you want it to be made of so it would be more fun?

Mariah: Rainbows


kitchenpcm said...

must be the venus mars thing
our boys, when little of course, loved that place.
somedays they were pirates, other days cowboys and indians and yet others just played hide and seek.
thanks for bringing back those memories for me :)
julie K.

carollee said...

You gotta admit...rainbows do sound way more fun than JUST wood!!