Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mariah Cut Her Hair!

Mariah wanted me to put her hair up tonight so I told her to go and get me a comb, after a few minutes when she didn't come back, we went looking for her and found her with scissors and hair ALL over the bathroom. Ugh! Mariah said she wanted to look like one of her classmates with a short bob hair style. She wouldn't let us take any good pictures of her hair, but she cut the front top to about an ince or two long so it stands straight up like a rooster. She also cut the sides but that blends in ok for now. The growing out process will be interesting.


saraiwithani said...

This is too much! Oh my word. One of Marty's best friends cut a big square out of the very front of his hair the night before school pictures. His mom made him have his picture made anyway!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness...that face she made on camera is priceless! Thanks for the laugh!

graceflyer said...

Lol, thanks for sharing and giving me a reason to smile today. Out of my four kids, both my girls were more interested in cutting hair and did this same thing. My oldest daughter gave herself some bangs that would be in with the punk scene today. :)