Friday, February 26, 2010


At 21 weeks pregnant with baby number three, I am very grateful, but my body is saying otherwise.

We found out over a week ago that we are expecting our third girl, which is very exciting but we are nervous as well. Three girls will bring a whole new set of joys and challenges. I guess I would be nervous if we were having a boy as well because I don't know what to do with a boy. I have had six years of practice with girls.

So, this pregnancy hasn't been the best. I feel like I am nine months pregnant already and the aches and pains haven't even started yet. It started off with a gallbladder attack before Christmas only to find out that I have gallstones. Not pleasant. From there, contractions started very early (they did with my second pregnancy as well but not THIS early). From about week 12 or so, contractions were coming between 5 and 15 minutes apart pretty much around the clock. I am pretty sure they are Braxton Hicks contractions that aren't doing anything but being a nuisance, but my doc wants to be sure. I am on moderate rest, not bed rest, but I have to take it easy. I have been on multiple antibiotics to fight any infections that aren't coming up on tests, but to no avail, the contractions are still present. Now I am trying some herbal stuff, but I have a feeling my body is just going to keep contracting.

At the ultrasound the baby looked great and very healthy. Praise the Lord! She was hiding her face but we didn't get a peek at her tiny nose. And then, the ultrasound tech found a piece of tissue that shouldn't be there, so who knows what that means and how that is going to get resolved. I have yet to talk to my doc about this to see what she thinks.

I went to the surgeon this week for my gallbladder, and although there isn't anything that can be done now (which I knew) they want to do surgery about six weeks after the baby is born. At the same time, the surgeon found an umbilical hernia. In other words, I have a hole in my belly button. He said he can patch that up when he removes the gallbladder. Humph.

All that to say, my body is REVOLTING against this pregnancy and I am only half way.

I am so excited to meet this new little addition and I can only imagine taking pictures of all three girls. I have bought bedding and I can't stop looking at it and imagining the nursery all put together and having a new little bundle sleeping in it. We are blessed.

This REVOLT will go down in the books. Thanks body.


KirstenQ said...

Keep on fighting momma. You are strong!

Marcia said...

You are so cute. Where are the pictures?

Jen Wags said...

oh my goodness girl... :(
I'll be praying... I'm hearing you on this whole body revolting thing... I too feel 9 months pregnant and can hardly bend at times... I'm not a big fan of this "aging" thing AT ALL!

Miss you sooooooo much!