Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have a case of the "I'm-not-good-enoughs." I hate that.

I find myself not contributing to a conversation because I don't feel like I have anything beneficial to share.

My introvert-ness is shining through. My low self-esteem is making a come back...seriously?! I am in my thirties and I still deal with this? COME ON! Grow up, Jamie!


Marcia said...

haha. I hate to tell you... you are you! I have learned to love my introverted self! well, mostly.

I love YOUR introverted self!

Smitty said...

Love, introversion is a gift. It means we reflect and need time alone (away from the din and distraction of extroverts) to thrive.

We don't get over "introversion." It is built-in, part of our "wiring."

Society can give us the message hat it is in inadequacy, and that we are not enough if we "act" extroverted. But introversion, played with the wisdom and restraint that tend to accompany this trait, is a source of strength. Wait and see...

When you see introversion's strengths, the self-esteem issue will "right" itself, without much effort.