Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Impressions

Mariah and I walked into her preschool classroom for the first time, full of anticipation and excitement. Mariah's first task is to find her name tag on the counter. She pauses, realizes that her name tag is on PURPLE paper.

"I want PINK."

Later, she finds her locker with the same PURPLE name tag and also sees a PINK tag. Her eyes light up, but quickly realizes it is for another girl who is sharing her locker.

"I want PINK."

Second day of school...Mariah has to find her cubby. Yep, it has a PURPLE name tag on it.

"I want PINK."

This might be a long year...

Luckily, the colors did seem to phase her too much and she had a great first week.

You can see the excitement in her eyes.
Oh wait, can you even see her behind that backback?

Look close, her sandals are on the wrong feet--we celebrate that she knows how to get her shoes on, we'll work on the correct feet later.

Tonight we worked on writing Mariah's name. She did it in the correct order for the first time and she also wrote an "R" for the first time. She was pretty proud of herself. Ok, I was proud too. I think this means she already passed preschool with flying colors.

Mariah, mom and dad are so proud of you! It is so wonderful to watch you learn and grow right before our eyes. It is a privilege to be your mom and dad. Thank you for being our daughter. You are a blessing. You are loved.


Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

That's my girl!


I love this post. So proud of her. I just can't believe how BIG she is getting!

Liz Nyenhuis said...

Wow!!! It's hard to believe that Mariah's going to SCHOOL!!! I'm glad she had a good first week. I be she was happy that her backpack was pink, wasn't she!

Mariah~I hope you have a *wonderful* first year of school. May you learn a lot, make new friends, and teach your new friends about the love that Jesus has for them!

Miss Liz

jenna said...

I love Mariah's backpack! It's huge! Hilarious! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Great to hang out with you and your girls today. I look forward to next time! :)