Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Smile for My Day

Ambria continues to melt my heart by the minute.

Her latest addiction is books, books, and more books and either wants to read them by herself or she will hunt me (or Jerry) down, pull on my leg, and give me the cute "read to me" look, until I give in and read to her (not just one book, but multiple books, and she has her favorites).
She has all the animal sounds down and she surprises me each day with new words, the latest are bubble, neigh, and Momo (Elmo)--it is just too darn cute to hear her talk with her soft voice.

Ambria makes me smile. She makes me smile when I see her run to the window, climb on the heater, and look out the window. She makes me smile when she gets all giddy when she gets her pink blankie. She makes me smile when she comes clumsily running to hug my leg when I get home. She makes me smile when she tries on all the shoes in the house and tries to walk in them. She makes me smile when I check on her before I go to bed and she is sound asleep. She just...make me smile.

Thank you, Ambria.


Liz Nyenhuis said...

How wonderful to have someone around who makes you smile, even when you don't feel like it. I'm glad that she brings you such joy!

Kendra said...

Kaden LOVES books too. You should see him when we go into Barns & Noble. I think that is his favorite store. He just keeps saying "book" over and over, in complete awe.

He can't make the animal sounds yet, like Ambria does. I look forward to that.