Monday, September 29, 2008

Pink Dirt

Mariah is the ultimate girly-girl who likes to wear dresses that twirl and pink sparkly shoes, whose favorite color is pink, pink, and more pink...

However, Mariah does have a tom-boy side to her as well. She loves to get dirty, play with worms, and hunt for roly-polies .

The other day I went into Mariah's bedroom after she was playing by herself, and this is what I found...
Hmm, Mariah put dresses on her play/plastic bugs. Not in the picture, were bugs in her dollhouse, in all the rooms and sitting at the table.

I guess when all the dirt washes away our little girly-girl appears - here is proof.


marciar621 said...

she has a lot of bugs to play with, huh?

tana and matt said...

it appears that she is trying to girl"ify" the bugs.

that is so cute.

ttys chica!!! hope you had a very relaxing weekend at your rents... and a great day of shopping today!