Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fragrant Candles Burning/ Windows Open

I have OCD with my sense of smell, everything stinks, or seems to have an unpleasant odor. (Huge props to Jerry for putting up with me). I buy stock in Glade air fresheners, Yankee candles, Febreeze, laundry detergent, you name it.

I put a dirty diaper in a plastic bag by the back door (ready to go out to the trash on my way to the car because I was leaving the house in a few minutes...) Ooops, I forgot to pick it up in the midst of getting Mariah out the door, carrying a diaper bag, my purse, another bag of goodies, and Ambria all in my left arm, leaving my right arm free to shut the door. We returned after THREE HOURS!!!

Darn it.