Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Threat

I rented some free kids movies from the video store, which Mariah loved, but we had to return them...

Mariah: Mom, can we get some more movies?

Me: Umm, not today but maybe another day.

Mariah:(anger is growing in her voice as she thinks of a threat) MOM, IF YOU DON'T GET ME MORE MOVIES I WILL NEVER WATCH TV AGAIN!!

Me: Ok. It is a deal.

Mariah: NO DEAL.

For some reason I didn't think she would hold to her end of the deal. She didn't end up getting more movies, but she is watching tv right now.


Linda said...

Girl...you better watch out. That is a fierce negotiator you are raising there. She might lack reason, but she sure does have cute on her side and I am sure she is not afraid to use that!

Suz said...

I love reading 'YOU'....keep on..Love you all...