Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Little Prayer

Ambria decides in the middle of dinner tonight that she NEEDS to pray, right now, so she erupts in an impromptu prayer, folds her hands, closes her eyes, and quick looks around to see if everyone else is doing the same. (Out of respect for her and Jesus, we stop eating, and copy Ambria).

"Dear Jesa. Thant you fo Riah. Thant you fo daddeee, Thant you fo mama. Wuv you Jesa. Amen."

By this time, I have tears in my eyes and a huge smile on my face. Her soft voice and tender heart will melt mine every time.

Thank you, Lord for the prayers of the young child, so sweet and so real. May I have faith like that.


Jen Wags said...

aww... so sweet.

Erin said...

Too precious for words!

Suz said...

I love this girl!! Can I have her??