Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Bath

We were a little bored tonight so I thought of making a Halloween bath for the girls. I put up pumpkin lights, put plastic bugs, spiders, and snakes in the bath, along with plastic pumpkins. Turn out the lights, and it was ready to go!

We are all out of the crayola bath tints (they make the water different colors) which would have been super cool to make orange water for the occasion. I also didn't have any Halloween music which would have been fun too. Either way, the girls loved it and I was the coolest mom ever!
We will finish the night off with some Halloween tv specials, carve pumpkins tomorrow, and then we will be all ready to go out tomorrow night.


Sarah said...

Fun idea! MIght have to try it over here at the Beckham house! I've enjoyed looking at your blog...looks like some beautiful country your living in. :)

Jen Wags said...

great idea girl! You totally have the Halloween spirit!