Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Walk To the Mailbox Turned into an Adventure

Ambria put on her new boots and we walked across the street to the mailbox in the quiet of the morning. On our way back to the house, we heard the cows mooing so we thought we would go take a look. We took a small hike through green field, fresh with morning dew, to the neighbor's fence. The four cows were in the middle of the field grazing or having "lunch" as Ambria likes to say. Then we heard the horses galloping. Four horses galloped right past us, 15 feet away, and me and Ambria were loving the moment. Then the cows thought they would take a closer look at us and the purple boots on Ambria's feet (she likes to wear Mariah's boots). They came right up to the fence and Ambria got a little scared, "mom, hold you, hold you." I had my cell phone in my pocket so I took a picture of the cows.
I know this doesn't seem like anything too exciting, but it is just so different having this in our backyard. I am sure Ambria will tell Mariah all about it when she gets home from school.

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Jen Wags said...

That's my dream life!