Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baby Rant #1

Ok, I realize that sometimes it is difficult to identify the gender of an infant. Ashlyn has been called a boy more times than I can count on two hands, and sometimes a person will call her a boy even AFTER I have politely corrected them. I find this a little ironic considering Ashlyn's car seat and stroller are PINK and 95% of the time, I have her dressed in pink or purple. Ok, I will politely dismiss this mistake, just figuring and assuming that the person is color blind (I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they cannot see the PINK).

Here is the thing, calling her a boy is one thing, but people have called her an IT. Really?! An IT? Come on. Unacceptable. Uncalled for. I wonder what my facial expression looks like when someone calls her an IT. This has happened multiple times.

And, the latest of the baby gender comments...someone called her a LITTLE HUMAN. I am not sure how I feel about this comment yet, but maybe baby, or baby girl, or infant would be a better fit.

Here is a picture of Ashlyn in her PINK car seat, not to be confused with blue. I know it is difficult to see her cute little, flower sun suit, but then, let's use process of elimination...not a blue car seat, it is PINK so my guess is that the baby is a GIRL. Ding, ding, ding, you are right!

Rant #1 is over.
I am not sure if there will be subsequent rants about other infant things, but I labeled it Rant #1 just in case there are more to come...


Marcia said...

ha. SHE is so cute!

Moments said...

I have a friend with a 5 week old infant GIRL who also has a pink carseat and stroller and dresses her in pink. Someone asked her the other day if it was a boy (and I thought of you). She replied this way, "I can see why the pink bow in her hair would make you think she's a boy, but actually she's a girl!" I totally thought of you :)

Liz Nyenhuis said...

My g-ma (who has end-stage alzheimer's) still thinks that my 18 1/2 month old NIECE is the cutest little BOY she's ever seen. LOL.

And when my little brother was about a year old, my mom was shopping at Meijer with him. Some lady came up and told my mom that she had a beautiful granddaughter. :O My mom's next stop was the hair color aisle. When she got home, she dyed her hair and cut my brother's ringlets off (wet, they probably were to his butt).

I hope it makes you feel better to know that you're not alone.

Sarah said...

How could anyone think that a baby that tiny, petite and adorable could be anything but a GIRL! She's so adorable Jamie!

Jen Wags said...

TOOOO funny!

Kendra said...

I've always been amazed at how people can't seem to tell the difference, even when it's obvious.

Infant car seats didn't come in pink until just recently. As you know, they used to all be some sort of blue pattern. So when Kaylee was a baby, she has some sort of neutral colored car seat. After church, she was in some sort of pink frilly outfit, pink blanket over her, and ears pierced, and still someone insisted on calling her a boy, LOL!

If I'm ever in a situation where I can't tell because everything is neutral, I'll say something like "aww... how old?" The parent will usually say something like "He is 6 weeks old", which clears it up, and I can continue the conversation about her adorable little boy without offending anyone.

If it's an elderly person making a wrong assumption, I always just let it go, assuming that there might be some marbles missing. Plus, did you know that in 'the olden days' pink was the color for boys?

KirstenQ said...

There wil be more ranting... people are silly. Just wait until you get the "wow do you have your hands full" for the 100th time. :) (if you haven't already)

Heidi said...

she is so precious. they must be blind;) with the boy comments..i jsut dont get how they can not get it