Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In a World of Oblivion

1. unmindful; unconscious; unaware
2. forgetful; without remembrance or memory

Sometimes I would like to be as oblivious to the world as a young know, where your biggest concern is what's for lunch or what is for dessert or what show is on television or what color should I paint the butterfly.

I have seen a few pictures of myself lately and I can "see" what I am thinking in each photo. It is usually something like, where are the girls, I have to get dinner started, where did I put the keys, the laundry is getting wrinkled. I am always thinking one step ahead and not living in the present.

I wonder how many wonderful, priceless moments I have missed in the last few years, because I am focusing on the past or thinking about how we are going to get to the future.

What about the present?

One of my favorite times of day is when I go check on each of the girls before I go to bed myself. I silently pray blessings over each one, re-tuck them in, and give them a kiss. They are oblivious.

Sometimes I wish I were oblivious as a young child.

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jenna said...

I love this post Jamie!