Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Bad" Movies

*Mariah: Dad, what are you watching?
*Jerry: Rambo
*Mariah: You mean Rainbow? Like Reading Rainbow?
*Jerry: NO. Like Rambo. (taken a little aback that Mariah would compare Rambo to Reading Rainbow as she adds estrogen to the testosterone filled movie).

(A few minutes later we realize that Mariah was watching the movie during a fighting scene from behind the corner of the wall, so Jerry quick turned off the movie. I took a moment before bed to talk to Mariah about what she saw).

*Me: Mariah, what did you see on the tv?
*Mariah: The guy told the woman he couldn't take her down the river. I also saw a fight. Mom, DAD SHOULD BE IN THAT MOVIE SO HE CAN TELL THEM ABOUT JESUS because fighting is BAD!

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Jen Wags said...

:) Great thinking Mariah!

PS... It was nice to have you over tonight! Thanks for the boys presents! What a great aunt you are!