Friday, August 14, 2009

My "Be Careful What I Eat" Diet Plan---Big Failure

This was my meal plan yesterday. I reflected on what I ate last night in bed and I started laughing so hard....

Brunch---Granola Bar
Late Lunch---Pop tart
Dinner---One cookie
Dessert---Ice Cream
Bed Time Snack---Two cookies


amy said...

That sounds like my diet!! :)

Amber said...

Just wanted to say "thanks!" for stopping by my blog - it's always fun to meet new "faces." ; )

And I loved the day's menu - only the life of a mom!! :) The big question - were those items eaten standing up or sitting down. I always say ONE day, I will sit down and stay seated for the entire duration of the meal. I think I have to wait for my next date night out!

Have a great week.