Saturday, August 8, 2009

Garage Sale Weekend Reflections

Forecast: Mostly Cloudy, a chance of rain later in the day, 75 degrees.

Ok, we can handle that. It took forever to get everything from the garage into the driveway but I figured we would make more money if we were out in the open. I was RIGHT!! We doubled what we were hoping to make and our most expensive item was $25--everything was priced to sell! For two hours straight, we had over twenty people in the driveway at all times and a line to pay for stuff. I was loving it.

*Ambria's Garage Sale Day Menu: Breakfast-Skittles, Lunch-Pop tart
*Mariah's Bedtime Snack: Somehow she coerced the babysitter into putting a whole unsweetened pack of lemonade into a water bottle. Nice.

Some highlights from Day One:
*An old lady got stuck in our recliner for sale and couldn't get out.
*Mariah screaming out: "Mom, why are you selling this piece of junk (holding up a baby toy). No one wants to buy junk!"
*Mariah's first Lemonade Stand (check out her blog for pics)

Forecast: Thunderstorms for most of the day, 80 degrees.

Yup, it poured! We were forced to stay in the garage. Some people braved the storms and came to the sale anyway (now those are die hards!). We didn't make even close to what we did the day before, but we still got rid of some more stuff and made a little money. Mariah changed her clothes four times from getting soaked, but she had fun.

Highlights from Day Two:
*Talking with all the neighbors as we walked to each other's sales. We had seven sales just on our street!
*It was actually relaxing to sit in the garage and watch the rain.

So, all in all, it was a very successful sale and I can't complain because of the rain. It feels great to clean out the house and get organized.


Sandie said...

We had one two weeks ago Jamie........garage sales are very cleansing to the soul :)

Liz Nyenhuis said...

I'm going to guess that your garage sale was the same weekend as ours...I wish I would have know you guys were having a garage sale...I would have left Jer to man ours while I spent some of our money we earned... :)